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Green Grass, Running Water

Green Grass, Running Water - Thomas King Whimsical, humourous, clever structure, a connected set of well-wrought characters fleeing and returning to (being pulled back to) their "home on Native land." A First Nations creation myth colliding with other myths, stories, fictions (Native and non-), told and retold from the perspective of four archetypical [fictional] characters: the Lone Ranger, Robinson Crusoe, Ishmael and Hawkeye.

Nicely underscores the essential collective cultural conflict as lived by individuals, and the endless struggle to retain and express one's unique cultural identity amidst the forces - some benign, some antagonistic, some downright hostile - that seek to swamp it. A surprisingly fun and lighthearted read, with an undercurrent of gentle irony, anger and sadness that rarely breaks the surface, but is there nonetheless.