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Pilgrim - Timothy Findley Excellent! A great blend of fiction and history, re-imagined through the eyes of one of my very favourite story-tellers.

Reincarnation (?) meets Jung's collective unconscious. With Leonardo (da Vinci, not diCaprio - it's not THAT book), Oscar Wilde, William & Henry James. Art and religion clash and coalesce. Doves, pigeons, sheep, dogs <3 and angels; unwilling saints and saintly lunatics. The sacred nature of nature. The transcendent, innate spirituality of art. Dreams, myth, madness, mysticism and a little magical realism thrown in for good measure.<br/>
An engrossing, illuminating, enticing read. One of my favourite Canadian authors on this Canada Day weekend.

Must read up some more on CG Jung. He seems like a bit of a prick here, or - as our hero Pilgrim would have it: "a useless prick."

4.5 (I'm knocking a 1/2 star off for early narrative voice issues; they resolved or started to matter less as the tale was told.)