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Pilgrim - Timothy Findley Excellent! A great blend of fiction and history, re-imagined through the eyes of one of my very favourite story-tellers.

Reincarnation (?) meets Jung's collective unconscious. With Leonardo (da Vinci, not diCaprio - it's not THAT book), Oscar Wilde, William & Henry James. Art and religion clash and coalesce. Doves, pigeons, sheep, dogs <3 and angels; unwilling saints and saintly lunatics. The sacred nature of nature. The transcendent, innate spirituality of art. Dreams, myth, madness, mysticism and a little magical realism thrown in for good measure.

An engrossing, illuminating, enticing read. One of my favourite Canadian authors on this Canada Day weekend.

Must read up some more on CG Jung. He seems like a bit of a prick here, or - as our hero Pilgrim would have it: "a useless prick."

4.5 (I'm knocking a 1/2 star off for early narrative voice issues; they resolved or started to matter less as the tale was told.)