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The Age of Innocence - Edith Wharton Reading this, many years after seeing the movie, it's much more a feminist statement than I ever took the movie to be. But sneaky, through Newland Archer's eyes: eyes that are veiled by the most exquisitely repressive social convention (comparisons to [b:The Remains of the Day|28921|The Remains of the Day|Kazuo Ishiguro||3333111] abound; another being that I couldn't read this without hearing DDL, Michele's, Winona's and - of course the great Joanne Woodward's voices in my head; as I can't read TRotD without hearing Hopkins/Thompson).

It's funny, to me, that this book is on the surface entirely about Newland Archer, told from his point of view, examining his angst in thorough detail -- but underneath, it's really all about Madame Olenska and May, isn't it?

That's quite the sleight of hand, Edith.