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I'll Be Home Soon: How to Prevent and Treat Separation Anxiety - Patricia B. McConnell Here's what's funny about this book: McConnell believes that 'true' separation anxiety is a more rare rarer less common phenomenon than is believed. And/but: it behooves all dog owners to do what they can to prevent it in their dogs.

Fab marketing!

That said, there's some good, common-sense advice in here that my neighbours need to read. (Bubbles, a pekingnese, is so undersocialized as to be painful to watch; and his sep anxiety is so severe that they now have a collar on him that squirts a noxious substance in his face as soon as he barks. Can you say punishment for a symptom, the root cause of which remains untreated? Appalling.)

How obnoxious would I be if I slipped this book under their door? Well, after all, that's why I bought it.