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Blood Red, Sister Rose - Thomas Keneally Not the fictionalized treatment of Joan of Arc's life that I was looking for. Focused on Joan as a soldier up to Charles's annointment at Rheims. Close to half of the book was endless, repetitive description of the battles between English (known here as the Goddams - hehe) and French in the lead-up to and liberation of Orleans; most of it focused on Joan's comrades in arms and her various relationships with them. By about p. 300 it became clear that there would be nothing of her capture or remarkable trial; nor was there much that probed the source of her conviction that she was the sister to Jesus Christ and the pre-ordained human sacrifice necessary to put Charles on the throne.

Might work for people most interested in the style of warfare used by the English-French at the time - but she didn't even really have to be in the story for that. Definitely the least interesting aspect of her life, death and legacy.