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The Pit Bull Placebo: The Media, Myths and Politics of Canine Aggression - Karen Delise Absolutely essential reading for anyone wanting to arm themselves with facts and evidence-based counter-arguments to overturn BSL. This book is available online as a PDF here, but I'm happy to have bought it and to know that my $24.95 will go to fund ongoing work by Karen Delise and the National Canine Research Council.

What follows is not a book review, but a political rant.

I'm embarrassed to have been an Ontario resident when then-Attorney General Michael Bryant forced through BSL in 2004/5, and not to have paid attention to this issue at the time. The arguments this "Harvard-trained lawyer" used, represented here by Delise in full-frontal stupidity, are absurd. They are blatant, regurgitated, media-spun lies with holes in their logic so vast that a grade school debating student could drive an SUV through them without shifting out of first gear.

Something really doesn't add up here. How, oh how did this legislation ever get passed? Is that the level of fear that Ontarians had then? Based on WHAT? (Delise shows what - she shows the media bias, and how average citizens across North America have been bamboozled by it).

I wonder if, given the circumstances of Bryant's eventual departure from public life and his high-priced job as CEO of Invest Toronto, he's ever reflected on his own ignorant, irresponsible, manipulative use of the media and the fucking awful, awful damage he's done to people in this province? Oh, wait -- why would he, the man walked away scott-free from charges of criminal negligence and dangerous driving causing death after killing a cyclist -- a bike courier with a history of psychiatric hospitalization who was blamed as the cause of his own death.

The injustice, corruption and collusion in the current Ontario government make me physically ill.

This man, literally, has blood on his hands - man and beast. And so does the entire McGuinty government. Their heads should be on fucking sticks, and we should be storming the Bastille, err, I mean, Queen's Park.

Well, I have no idea who I just wrote this for, but I sure do feel better. Thanks for reading.