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We Think the World of You - J.R. Ackerley, P.N. Furbank Three-ish - this was a quick and dirty read, and an indulgence. I *loved* Ackerley's deep understanding of the connection between man and dog, and his (very progressive, esp. for the time) ability to show that dogs have distinctive personalities - but at the same time, that animal behaviour is a direct result of a dog's treatment at the hands of humans, and not - as still to this day erroneously believed - a product of some kind of higher, "human-like" cognitive processing.

The book's central point, however, was the sublimation of Frank's unrequited passion for his (married) friend, Johnny, into his devotion to Johnny's dog, Evie. There was such a focus on Evie, and Frank's machinations to make her his own, that this second and in some ways equally important plot-line was given short-shrift. Not that I minded - since I'm all about the doggies, and this is a non-sentimental (and not too, too difficult to bear) story about quite a lovely one.