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The Fire Gospel - Michel Faber Underwhelming. I like my satire more scathing and my humour, well, funnier.

This book needed to be at least twice as long, with a slower build-up and many more scenes of the damage Theo Grippen's book was causing to the faithful. It needed detail...everywhere, but especially the ending, which frankly left me believing that Faber petered out and/or chickened out.

As it was, I'm left with the thought that The Fire Gospel's real-life editor and publisher must have demanded the plot be sanitized; something akin to what its fictional editor/publisher may have wished they had done to "The Fifth Gospel." There's no other reason for this to be so bland, is there?

Pet peeve: if you're going to make your main character's hometown Toronto, it might be worthwhile to visit. There was absolutely NO recognizable character to the city, and that annoys me no end as a native. Plus, it's just damn lazy. This whole effort felt lazy to me.