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The Portrait of a Lady - Henry James, Anita Brookner, Pierre A. Walker

"Isabel saw them arrive with a good deal of assiduity at her aunt's hotel, and pronounced on them with a trenchancy doubtless to be accounted for by the temporary exaltation of her sense of human duty." p. 200


Must not read before bed ... must ... not .... (c'mon now, you really must agree that's a terrible sentence)


But this Isabel, she is a wonderful character. Watching her being played like a puppet by some (whose intentions are as yet unclear), and worn away and broken down by others' cynicism, and by her own fatalistic drive for independence and - it seems? - melancholy, is heartbreaking.


"She was intelligent and generous; it was a fine free nature; but what was she going to do with herself? This question was irregular, for with most women one had no occasion to ask it. Most women did with themselves nothing at all; they waited, in attitudes more or less gracefully passive, for a man to come that way and furnish them with a destiny. Isabel's originality was that she gave one an impression of having intentions of her own. "Whenever she executes them," said Ralph, "may I be there to see!"" p. 59