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The Bront√ęs - Juliet Barker

As they enter early adulthood, none of the Bronte children can hold a job exc. Anne, who just puts her head down and makes the best of it. I'm really starting to love her and can't wait to read her books.


Charlotte is constitutionally unable to be a governess. She *really* dislikes children.  Mostly, I think she just has a rock-bottom low threshold for anyone or anything that doesn't provide her with the intellectual stimulation she seeks/needs. She's haughty, and arrogant, but also brilliant and clear-sighted about what she wants and who she is.


Emily is flighty and eccentric, even at the young age of 23. But it's clear *she's actually the better writer.*  (Although difficult to judge as apples and oranges, right?) She is deeply connected to the natural world and, she loves dogs (and all animals). Her inspiration and art flow from there. She is not oriented to people at all (she is different from Charlotte, who loves people, loves to observe and analyze them, wants to be liked by them, but is socially inept. Emily is also socially inept, most likely, but doesn't give two figs. I love her.).


Branwell is a tragedy looking for a place to happen. His dissolution, according to Barker (who really does have an amazing tendency to mnimize), is less about debauchery than youthful absent-mindedness.


They all seem to have inherited some fatal flaws from their father, mostly a really HUGE disconnect from reality.


OTOH, they all - esp. the girls - are in a truly awful position - neither rich, nor poor, their choices are all the more limited.


The poverty and sickness, even in a relatively good social position, is astonishing. They are dropping like flies. Description of sanitation in Haworth and elsewhere is very telling.


If these sons/daughters of a relatively well-off parson have it this bad,can you just IMAGINE the rest of the lot?   :-(


This is REALLY good. It reads fast, and like a novel.