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"I have undergone sharp discipline which has taught me wisdom; and then, I have read more than you would fancy." Emily Brontë


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MaddAddam - Margaret Atwood

Engrossing and brilliant in a dozen different ways, not least of all for the multiple ways of story-telling, and how/why they are important. Writing and mythmaking as a way to recreate meaning in the world.



p. 154:

“Had she believed all that? Old Pilar's folklore? No, not really; or not exactly. Most likely Pilar hadn't quite believed it either, but it was a reassuring story: that the dead were not entirely dead but were alive in a different way; a paler way admittedly, and somewhat darker. But still able to send messages, if only such messages could be recognized and deciphered. People need such stories, Pilar said once, because however dark, a darkness with voices in it is better than a silent void.”


p. 257:

“But I have already told the beginning, so right now it's the middle. And Zeb is in the middle of the story about Zeb. He is in the middle of his own story.

I am not in this part of the story; it hasn't come to the part with me. But I'm waiting, far off in the future. I'm waiting for the story of Zeb to join up with mine. The story of Toby. The story I am in right now, with you.”